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Election Dates

Primary Election - September 13, 2011

General Election - November 8, 2011

Election Results

2011 General Election

Official Mayoral General Election Results are posted on the Baltimore City Board of Elections website. Data files are available for the 2011 Baltimore City General Election.

2011 Primary Election

Official Mayoral Primary Election Results

Data files for the 2011 Baltimore City Primary Election

Election Calendar

2011 Baltimore City Mayoral Election Calendar (PDF)

Candidate List

2011 Baltimore City General Election Candidate List


Sample ballot proofs for the 2011 Baltimore City Mayoral General Election (PDF)

Sample ballot proofs for the 2011 Baltimore City Mayoral Primary Election (PDF)

Voter Registration Figures

The following documents contain voter registration figures by various districts and subdistricts at the time of the last day of registration prior to an election.

General Election

Primary Election

Election Related Statistics

The following documents contain unofficial voter turnout for the Baltimore City Election.

Primary Election

General Election