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Code of Maryland Regulations

State agencies with the authority to adopt regulations must follow the State's Administrative Procedures Act, State Government Article, ยง10-101 et seq., Annotated Code of Maryland, when adopting regulations. These requirements include review by the Maryland General Assembly's Administrative, Executive, and Legislative Review Committee, publication in the Maryland Register, and public comment on proposed new regulations and changes to existing regulations.

The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) is organized by title, with the name of title corresponding to the name of the agency with authority to adopt regulations. For example, the State Board of Elections is authorized under section 2-102 of the Election Law Article to adopt regulations to implement its powers and duties. Regulations adopted by the State Board of Elections are located in Title 33 - State Board of Elections of COMAR.

The State's Division of State Documents publishes COMAR in two formats. The Division has an online, searchable version of COMAR and sells a printed version. The online version is updated as soon as a proposed regulation is effective, and updates to the printed version are printed bi-annually.



Special Elections By Mail

33.21.01 (Definitions; General Provisions)
33.21.02 (Request for Vote-by-Mail Ballot)
33.21.03 (Issuance and Return)
33.21.04 (Voting Centers)
33.21.05 (Election Judges)
33.21.06 (Voting Center Procedures)
33.21.07 (Canvassing)
33.21.08 (Post-Election Activities)

These proposed new regulations were published in the July 10th edition of the Maryland Register. The public commentbegan on July 10th and will close on August 10th, 2015. Final adoption by the Board will be determined.