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Rumor Control for the 2014 Election


Rumor: There is no process to remove non-citizens from the voter rolls.

Fact: ​J​ury commissioners in each county report to election officials the names of potential jurors who are excused from jury service because they are non-citizens. When an election official receives this information, the official checks to see if the potential juror is a registered voter in Maryland. If it appears that the potential juror is registered to vote, the election official notifies the voter that his or her registration will be cancelled unless the voter provides information to support that s/he is a U.S. citizen. Election officials refer to the Office of the State Prosecutor individuals who do not appear to be U.S. citizens and have voted.

Early Voting and Absentee Votes

Rumor: Early votes and absentee votes are not counted unless there is a tie in an election.

Fact: All votes cast during early voting are counted. All absentee ballots submitted on time with the required signature are counted even if they will not change the outcome of an election. Votes cast during early voting and by absentee ballot count just like votes cast on election day.

Early Voting Ballots

Rumor: If I vote during early voting, I will not receive the same ballot as the one I would receive on election day and therefore my ballot will not be counted.

Fact: You will receive the same ballot whether you are voting during early voting, on election day or by absentee ballot. Your ballot is always determined by your residential address.

Proof of Voting

Rumor: To prove you voted, you will get a second copy of the form you sign when you check in to vote.

Fact: Upon request, a pollworker will give you a form to prove that you voted, but the form will be different from the form you sign when you check in to vote. If you need proof that you voted, please ask a pollworker.

Election Results

Rumor: Election judges will not post election results once the polls close.

Fact: During early voting, election results will not be posted. The local boards of elections will post these results after the polls close on election day.

​On election day, election judges will post results once the polls close.​ Election results will also be available from SBE and the local boards of elections.​

Online Voting in Maryland

Rumor: The Maryland State Board of Elections will vote on April 24, 2014 to allow online voting in Maryland.

FACT: Maryland law prohibits online voting. The State Board of Elections is NOT voting on online voting at the board meeting held on April 24, 2014. SBE is considering an online tool to mark an absentee ballot that must be returned by mail.