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Overview of Maryland's Voting System

All voters in Maryland use the same voting system. For polling place voting, voters use a touchscreen voting system by Election Systems and Software Inc (formerly Premier Election Solutions), the AccuVote-TS. With a touchscreen voting system, a voter touches the screen to make, change, and review selections and cast a ballot. For more detailed information on how to vote on Maryland's voting system, download the voting instruction flyer in English (PDF) or English/Spanish (PDF).

For absentee voting and provisional voting, voters use a paper-based optical scan voting system (AccuVote-OS or Model ES-2000). With this system, a voter is issued a paper ballot and completes the oval next to the candidate or ballot question response for which the voter wants to vote. At the local board of elections, the ballot is fed into an optical scanner which reads and tabulates the selections made by the voter.